At Vaulted, we listen closely to our clients in order to truly understand their vision; enabling us to create effective strategies, targeted messages and
profitable creatives. Our solutions are grounded in more than 18 years of successful business, brand and marketing experiences, so the days of you throwing away dollars on wasteful activities are over.


We do what is relevant and appropriate for your goals, your customers and your brand — thereby, maximizing the return on your investment.



Our ability to identify and establish what works at the intersection of your business, brand and marketing through discovery, analysis, and experience allows us to develop and execute both strategies and creatives. It enables us to design new brands, create product extensions, or work to revitalize and reposition ones already in place. We define business goals and work to align employees and departments effectively. We create messages and compelling narratives and then communicate them in ways that engage your customer community. We help customers understand complex features. And, we identify and cultivate connections so you don’t have to go it alone.

mission, vision, goals, product lines, business plan, culture, structure, core values

platform, visual identity, unique space, architecture, target market, positioning,
word bank, messaging, voice, style guide

strategy, plan, product, content, budget, digital + print collateral/tools, pitch decks, advertising, social media, events, partnerships, PR

Vaulted delivers at the intersecton of business, brand & marketing

The Vaulted team works with the following industries:

Luxury Goods

Luxury Services

Real Estate

Technology and Science

Health, Wellness and Sports

Art and Wine


Our clients provide a range of products and services, from software and
technology platforms to high-end jewelry and womenswear, and from wineries
and art galleries to luxury real estate and property stylists and more.


No matter the lifecycle stage of your organization or nature of your business, brand or marketing program, Vaulted is your trusted advisor and partner.

At Vaulted, we define, create and align the following:



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Our team develops and executes impactful strategies for new and existing
companies; working hard to ensure our clients’ business, brand and marketing
work together to propel them forward. We are business strategists, content developers, graphic and web designers/developers, social media planners,
photographers and videographers.


An experienced strategic analyst and communications executive for startup
and Fortune 500 companies, Jen successfully launched and managed technology products and companies in the U.S., Asia and Europe. After
more than a decade of working in-house, Jen established her own consulting group to develop and deliver high-level, extensive programs to emerging companies on a more accessible level – working closely with founders, executives and employees. Now, six years later, the company continues to provide comprehensive “business strategy first, then marketing” services to companies in a diverse set of industries.


An active supporter of local San Diego arts, academic and health & human services organizations, Jennifer completed undergraduate studies at The Wharton School of Business and received an MBA from The Haas School at
The University of California, Berkeley.



Propel your business forward with Vaulted.

We can be reached at the following:

tel: (858) 945 - 5153